The Difference between Window Friction Hinges and 2 Bar Wind Restrictor Braces


The Difference between Window Friction Hinges and 2 Bar Wind Restrictor Braces


The fixation of the window switch requires the application of window friction hinges and wind restrictor braces. Then what is the difference between window friction hinges and wind restrictor braces in the market? Let's take a look together!

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The wind restrictor brace is also called 2-bar friction stay, which plays a role of limiting the window opening angle. That is to say, when the window sash is opened to a certain position, it can be maintain a fixed opening angle without being affected by factors such as wind. However, wind braces are not the main load-bearing accessories, so wind braces are generally used with window hinges. One window will use 2 hinges and 2 wind brace.


There are two types of window friction hinges on the market. One is for casement windows. This type of friction hinges is called a four-bar friction stay. It has the function of limiting the position of the wind brace, and can also bear the weight of the window sash. Therefore, when using window friction hinges, it is not necessary to use wind braces. The other is the window friction hinges used in the top hung window, which only plays a load-bearing role. However, due to the smaller opening angle of the top hung window, it also has stronger safety performance.


The above two window friction hinges are installed on the upper and lower ends of the window sash, so as to achieve the function of opening and closing the supporting window sash.


The choice of specific wind bracing or friction hinges should be determined according to the actual situation. Here, SiHai Door and Window Accessories Manufacturing Factory provides you with a variety of styles to choose from. High quality and best service, feel free to call or email.

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