How to replace the window Friction Hinges?


How to replace the window Friction Hinges?


  A few days ago, SiHai Manufactory introduced how to fit the side hung window friction hinges. For details, you can check the article "How To Fit Side Hung Window Friction Hinges". The window friction hinge is one of the important hardware accessories for casement windows. It not only undertakes the opening and closing function of the window sash, but also is an important component to prevent the window sash from falling. However, as the use time increases, the window friction hinge is eroded by wind, rain and stress. It may be deformed and rusted, so it needs to be replaced. How to replace the window friction hinges of aluminum or UPVC windows? Sihai Manufactory also sorted out the replacement methods of the window friction hinge for your reference.


  The first step in replacing window friction hinges is to understand what a high-quality window stay is like. For details, you can refer to the articles "Selection Skills for Choosing Casement Friction Stay - how to choose prefect casement window hinges?" and "Informative knowledge about Casement Window Hardware!". Among them, SiHai Hardwares introduced the selection of a window friction hinge, such as the load-bearing requirementsthe selection method of the length of window friction hingesthe material standard that SS window friction stay needs to meet, and the opening times requirement should be met. A good window friction stay should maintain good performance in all aspects after repeated strict inspections of repeated opening and closing.

 stainless steel window hinges


 Secondly, we should know more about the installation method of how to install the window friction hinges. Here, we can read the article Where are Stainless Steel Window Hinges used? - Article 2 and How To Fit Side Hung Window Friction Hinges" for reference. In the above two articles, we mentioned how to use screws to fasten the sash and window frame when installing the hinge. Moreover, the article also points out where the hinge should be installed, and is accompanied by a detailed explanation diagram.


  However, when replacing window hinges, we still have the following points needs to pay attention to:

(1) When installing the window friction hinge, it should be ensured that the distance between the sashes and sashes is the stack height of the friction stay, generally 16.5~17 mm, sometimes will need 19~21 mm heightened. Different series and specifications have different stack heights. Specific technical parameters See window friction hinges series and real objects.


(2) When installing, it should be noted that the friction hinges should be as close to the outer edge of the window frame as possible. The triangular head should be placed against the edge of the frame. so that we can ensure that the upper and lower window supports should be on the same vertical plane.


(3) The bottom groove of the window friction hinges should avoid hard impurities such as cement, lime, acid and alkali corrosion and too much dust. Otherwise it will cause the window switch to be unsmooth. At the same time, some lubrication Oil should be added to the window friction hinges regularly.


  Regarding how to replace the window friction hinges, the above is the selection method and replacement method sorted out by SiHai Manufactory. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. In addition to window friction hinges, lock points, handles, hinges, etc. are all equally important, so you must pay more attention when purchasing doors and windows. The hardware accessories launched by SiHai Manufactory meet relevant standards in terms of durability and performance, and also have a longer service life. If necessary, you can leave a message on our website, or call customer service for detailed consultation.

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