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We are the professional manufactory in China and with our family group factories power in producing the doors and windows hardware accessories ,like the friction stay ,window handle ,window hinge, window lock ; and also in producing the glass doors contral hardware accessories ,like the floor spring ,patch fitting ,SS pull handle ,door closer ; we also professional in producing the bathroom hardware accessories,like the bathroom shower hinge ,glass door knob ,glass clamp and other small hardware accessories products etc. we have more than 10 years exporting experience to sell our products to our customers from all over the world. " buy happy, with ease , convenient, practical and high quality " is our service aim . Come on ,my friend ! we are sure we would be your best one-stop hardware accessories purchasing supplier in China .

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One stop solution for Aluminum Doors And Windows & Glass Door Control & Bathroom And Sliding Doors hardware accessories and excellent export solution service .

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