TECH ARTICLE NO.18|What is a top hung window restrictor stay?


TECH ARTICLE NO.18|What is a top hung window restrictor stay? How does the top hung window restrictor/window limiter effectively control the opening angle of the window?

In TECH Article 17, Sihai Hardware introduces several casement window restrictors and their working principles. Next, in this article, we will focus on introducing the limiters/window restrictors used for top-hung windows, and how the top-hung restrictors effectively control the opening angle of the window?

First of all, the most common window restrictor can also be called a stainless steel telescopic friction stay, as shown in the figure below. It is suitable for the use of tilt and turn windows, top-hung windows and bottom-hung windows. Telescopic friction stay is more common in top-hung windows and need to be used in conjunction with top hung window friction hinges.

window hinges

The telescopic hinge limites the window opening angle by the side card slot. After installation, push the window open to the slot where the telescopic hinge fixing plate is turned out, and the wind brace will lock and support the window; push it up again, the telescopic friction stay can be unlocked and the window can be closed. (One push on, two push off).

window restrictors stay

In addition, the stainless steel top-hung window telescopic hinge can also choose a multi-position card style. The opening size of the window can be limited according to the needs.

2 Bar window hinge

What's more, the card position limiter can also be used on the top hung window. After being installed and fixed with screws, the card-type window restrictor/window limiter also uses the card slot to lock and open, so it can effectively adjust the size of the window opening.

window hinges

Finally, also made of stainless steel, the 2 bar window friction hinge is also one of the most popular top hung window restrictors. The 2 bar window friction hinge is to use the tightening screw to fix the opening angle at any time. If the window restrictor requirements are very high, we can also use a stainless steel 2-bar friction hinge with a horizontal limit chute. The horizontal limit chute and stainless steel slider effectively enhance the limit effect.

window restrictors stay

Stainless steel 2-bar friction hinges are available in many different sizes. You can purchase the corresponding specifications from the manufacturer according to the window size and window profiles. For example, aluminum alloy windows, curtain will windows and UPVC windows are using different specifications of stainless steel 2-bar window friction hinges. in which the 2-bar window friction hinge can be customized with corresponding specifications. At the same time, depending on the installation position, the maximum opening angle of the window sash using the stainless steel 2-bar window friction hinge can reach about 170 degrees.

The above three top-hung window restrictor stay are all stainless steel products, and the use of high-quality SS304 material can achieve the characteristics of strong rust-proof and high safety.

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