TECH ARTICLE NO. 19|What are the basic hardware accessories for aluminum alloy windows and doors?


TECH ARTICLE NO. 19|What are the Basic Hardware Accessories for Aluminium Windows and Doors?

The aluminium windows and doors of houses are generally divided into sliding windows, casement windows and hanging windows. And the hardware fittings of doors and windows used should also be consistent with them. Then let's take a look at some commonly used aluminum alloy door and window hardware accessories.


Firstly, we can learn about the casement handles. The handle is generally installed in the middle of the edge of the window sash, and some are also designed as a mechanism connecting the window hardware with the bolt. It is usually formed by punching brass, low carbon steel, zinc alloy, stainless steel and other materials, and its surface is plated with nickel, chromium or zinc.

Casement handle's main function is to press the casement on the window frame when it is closed, so as to achieve the function of sealing. When choosing to purchase, you should pay attention to the flatness of the appearance, no burr, a sense of weight, and even coating appearance.


The second most important window hardware would be the window friction stays. The stainless steel window friction hinge/friction stay is the hardware used to open, close and position the casement windows. When purchasing, you must choose the high quality stainless steel 304 materials. The appearance should be free of scratches, sharp edges, burrs and other defects. When the window friction hinge/friction stay is opened and closed, there should be a little resistance.


Third, pulley is one of the most important hardware accessories to determine whether sliding doors and windows can be opened smoothly. The function of the pulley is to bear the weight of each sliding door and window, and move it as a bearing. When selecting and purchasing, pay attention to the material of pulley frame and whether the pulley can adopt needle bearing or ball bearing. The pulleys for sliding doors shall be heavy-duty ones, and the pulleys for sliding windows shall not be used instead.


Aluminum alloy doors and windows have good ventilation, sealing, sound insulation, thermal insulation and impermeability. The inner opening type is convenient for cleaning windows; The open type does not take up space when opening. However, if the quality of the main hardware accessories is not up to standard, it may also leak rain.


Friction hinges, slides and locks with good sealing performance shall be selected. When shopping, feel its sensitivity and convenience by opening, closing and pulling several times. Locks with good sensitivity should be selected. When purchasing, it can be checked whether the key can be inserted and pulled several times to see whether it is smooth or not. Whether the switch can be screwed up can save the choice of decorative hardware with good appearance and performance. When choosing to purchase, it mainly depends on whether the appearance is defective, how the electroplating luster is, and whether the hand feel is lubricated.

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