The Advantages of using a Window Friction Hinge


The Advantages of using a Window Friction Hinge

Most of the aluminum alloy outward opening windows will choose to use side hung window friction hinges. Here, Sihai Hardware Technology provides some references by analyzing the advantages of friction hinges as follows:


  1) The installation of the friction hinge does not need to destroy the outer rubber strip, so the sealing of the window is better.


  2) The friction hinge can easily control the maximum opening angle of the window. This means that the friction hinge can specify the opening angle according to safety requirements.

stainless steel window hinges


  3) Most importantly, when the friction hinge is open, there is room to allow the outside window to be wiped, thus avoiding the danger of falling when someone wipes the window.


  4) Price advantage: Generally speaking, the unit price of friction hinge can achieve the effect of two Zinc Alloy hinges and one wind restrictor brace.

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